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Here's a List of the Top 20 Food Trucks in America

The Buttermilk Truck, Los Angeles.
The Buttermilk Truck, Los Angeles.
Photo: Simon Doggett / Flickr

Where are the best food trucks in America? According to QSR Magazine, they're largely on the West Coast, with trucks in Seattle (Skillet, Maximus/Minimus), Portland (Solar Waffle Works), San Francisco (Spencer on the Go!, Sam’s Chowdermobile), and Los Angeles (The Buttermilk Truck, The Grilled Cheese Truck, Frysmith, Nom Nom Truck) appearing on their Top 20 Food Trucks list. That's almost half the list!

New York only has two food trucks on the list: Kelvin Natural Slush Co. and Rickshaw Dumpling Truck. Meanwhile, Los Angeles food truck fans are all in an uproar in the comments over the fact that food truck favorites like Kogi Truck and Grill 'em All Truck aren't included, but QSR seems to be focused on "concepts to watch" as opposed to the individual truck, so perhaps that explains it? Check out the full list below the jump.

First Team All-American

Hometown: Seattle
Serving: Modern American cuisine

Chef Shack
Hometown: Minneapolis
Serving: Seasonal fare from local family farms

Food Shark
Hometown: Marfa, Texas
Serving: Mediterranean

Hometown: Austin, Texas, & Los Angeles
Serving: Ice cream sandwiches

Spencer on the Go!
Hometown: San Francisco
Serving: Alternative French cuisine

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Serving: Empanadas

Fojol Bros. of Merlindia
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Serving: Indian with flair

Hometown: Milwaukee
Serving: Pizza

Dim and Den Sum
Hometown: Cleveland
Serving: American comfort food with Asian flair

Hometown: Seattle
Serving: American favorites

Second Team All-American

The Buttermilk Truck
Hometown: Los Angeles
Serving: Decadent breakfast

The Grilled Cheese Truck
Hometown: Los Angeles
Serving: A new take on grilled cheese

Pi on the Spot
Hometown: St. Louis
Serving: Pizza

Hometown: Los Angeles
Serving: French fries

Kelvin Natural Slush Co.
Hometown: New York City
Serving: Slushies

Nom Nom Truck
Hometown: Los Angeles
Serving: Vietnamese

Sam’s Chowdermobile
Hometown: Half Moon Bay, California
Serving: Seafood

Solar Waffle Works
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Serving: Waffles
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Rickshaw Dumpling Truck
Hometown: New York City
Serving: Dumplings

Crepes Bonaparte
Hometown: Orange County, California
Serving: Crêpes

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