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Jerks, Violence Sell Pepsi; Peace, Love Sell Coke

The Superbowl happened last night, but even more importantly than the football were the commercials. If the ads are to be believed, all that is for sale in America is soda pop, Doritos, and things having to do with cars. But a deeper exegesis lays bare the theoretical underpinnings of what motivates Pepsi drinkers versus Coke drinkers.

Pepsi Max
Pepsi Max is a low calorie sugar free soda made by PepsiCo. It contains aspartame, potassium benzoate, acesulfame potassium, calcium disodium EDTA and panax ginseng extract. Advertisements for Pepsi Max were full of often brutal "Faces of Death"-level violence. Please examine the spots below and you'll find crotch shots, head shots, an ugly view of what it means to be married and to date, and a deeply cynical gloss on human nature (and its correlation with pastel polo shirts). It's like Celine but minus the good writing.

Video: Pepsi Max: Love Hurts

Video: Pepsi Max: First Date

Video: Pepsi Max: Torpedo Cooler

Coca-Cola, also called Coke, is a carbonated soft-drink made by the Coca Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia. Coke also ran ads during the Superbowl. And though they paid heed to the almost Manichean and, at any rate, highly fraught conflict that defines the world of men (and dragons and wise cats), Coke is a harbinger of peace, not a tool of violence.

Video: Coca Cola Border

Video: Coca Cola Seige

So which one will ultimately prevail? A product based on exploiting the worst of human nature or a product animated by an optimistic and kind view of the human heart? Happily, the score is in. Good won. It was 31-25.

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