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Jamie Oliver Is Really, Really Not Filming in LA Schools

The Los Angeles Unified School District is putting its foot down: Jamie Oliver will not be filming Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution in any Los Angeles school, even if it's one of the MLA Partners schools he had in which he had previously been allowed to film.

While spokespeople for the district are saying it's because "having unscripted reality shoots while classes were still in session was probably not the best idea" — we're sure it's pretty disruptive — a source told the Los Angeles Times that LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines would not approve filming unless he knew the show would "would paint the district in a positive light." Which is a different thing entirely!

Apparently the district is concerned the show "would not fairly reflect steps LAUSD has taken to improve its menus, such as banning junk food and sodas." Which are indeed good things, but it still makes us wonder what's going on in there.

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[Photo: TV Guide]