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Restaurant in Hawaii Adds 15% Tip For Non-English Speakers

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A Honolulu restaurant is charging non-English speaking customers a 15% gratuity. Keoni by Keo's says they added the charge because foreign tourists are unfamiliar with the American gratuity system — about 17% of visitors to Hawaii are from Japan, where tipping is uncommon. Apparently the charge is explained in small print on the menu, but we're not really sure how that's helpful to non-English speakers? Anyway, the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission is looking into the matter. Check out a local news report below.

KITV: Fine Print On A Menu Raises Eyebrows And Questions

· Waikiki Eatery Charges 'Non-English Speaking Guests' Gratuity [KITV via AP]
· Fine Print On A Menu Raises Eyebrows And Questions [YouTube]
Keoni by Keo's. [Photo: Kodomo]

Keoni by Keo's

2375 Kuhio Avenue Honolulu, HI 96815

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