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Is Human Crotch Meat the Hot New Ingredient?

Move over pork belly. I suppose it was only a matter of time before locavorism turned into navel gazing and navel gazing turned into foreskin eating. Thus is the circle of life. But that un-kosher — or is it superkosher? — pound o' flesh as well as the somewhat-related human placenta, have become the hot new ingredients of 2011. What a year! And since two makes it a trend, here now, examples from Daniel Patterson (chef at Coi in San Francisco) and Andrew Zimmern (host of Bizarre Foods):

Exhibit A: Daniel Patterson, noted chef of Coi and all around good and serious guy, is doing a demo on how to cook placenta. Placentophagy isn't really a new thing. Hippies did it. Goats do it. But, well, Chef Patterson has two Michelin stars and no goats nor hippies that I know of have two Michelin stars so...yes, high end preparations of placenta is a thing.

Exhibit B: In an upcoming episode Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern, the television host who looks most like Butterbean, eagerly watches a foreskin tasting at the Sakalava tribe in Madagascar. It turns out, the eating of a foreskin, accompanied by a delightful banana, is a custom. Usually grandfathers do it. And before you think, "Fuck that is fucked!" ask yourself if eating the foreskin is any more perverse than cutting it off in the first place. Then, go register, and and squat until you make your fortune.

Video: Bizarre Foods - Foreskin: The Most Bizarre Food Ever

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