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Sarah Palin Eats Organic 'Wrapped in Fur, Not Cellophane'

Legitimately DSM IV-diagnosed insane Alaskan and potential 2012 Republican presidential nominee Sarah Palin recently spoke to a room full of Luddite hunters in Reno. According to Andrew Romano, "Some [were] dressed in tuxedos; others are sporting ankle-length hides and Flintstone-style fang necklaces." Ms. Palin was there to spout evil nonsense. She didn't disappoint. Though, interestingly, she does eat organic.

Since Ms. Palin thought there was no media in the room — Mr. Romano, perhaps, had rented an ankle-length hide and grown a beard — she really let her mouth say all that her brain was thinking. The mouth of Ms. Palin, a Trevi fountain of nutiness; an untamed sluice of insanity; a cataract of WTF?!?!!

Playing to the room, Ms. Palin said she named her kids after things and techniques used to kill things. "Piper was named after Todd's airplane, the Piper cub, which gets us to the hunting grounds. Bristol, Bristol Bay fishing grounds. Willow, a local sport-fishing stream. Trig, I pull the TRIG-ger. Track... I remember when we told my dad that his grandson was named Track, he said, 'Like TRACKing an elephant?'"

That's why I've named my son, Kallie, short for Kalashnikov and my daughter Slaughtie, short for Slaughter of Innocent Civilians.

Ms. Palin, however, did note she eats organic, but of course she made that crazy too. "My family loves animals in the wild—and also next to the mashed potatoes. "For most of these frou-frou, chi-chi types, the extent of their experience is in the Tiki Room at Disneyland." "We eat organic—we just have to shoot it first. And it comes wrapped in fur, not cellophane." Yes, Ms. Palin, because all the organic produce available at the Tiki Room at Disneyland comes wrapped in cellophane.

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