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Freakonomics on Food, Part 2: 3D Printers and Pasteurization

Part two of Freakonomics' look at the science of food does not include a debate over the merits of molecular gastronomy between Modernist Cuisine chef Nathan Myhrvold and Chez Panisse owner Alice Waters, alas. What it does feature is interviews with inventor Pablos Holman, who is working on developing 3D food printers, and Philip E. Nelson, a retired professor of food science who revolutionized pasteurization.

Nelson also once dumped 30,000 gallons of pizza sauce over the Pennsylvania countryside while developing his technique: "I got a call from this processor saying, 'We hate to tell you Dr. Nelson, but all thirty thousand gallons of your product is spoiling.' So, was I glad I was in the hills of Pennsylvania, because we had to spread that red wasted tomato all over the hills out there."

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[Photo: st0rmz / Flickr]