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Top Chef All-Stars Make Art on a Plate

In the quickfire challenge in last night's episode of Top Chef All-Stars — with fashion designer and cheesecake maker Isaac Mizrahi as guest judge — the contestants were challenged to make a dish that would be judged purely on visual aesthetics. They had to make art. "Just as a runway show is designed to attract the buyer," said Padma, "a plate's presentation should be designed to attract the palate."

Freed from having to focus on flavor, some of the contestants made dishes that were maybe a little bit out there, including Fabio's tuna ladies with mushroom umbrellas, Antonia's tree with gravel, Tre's dots, and Angelo's "Crocadile" in a bag. So you can drink it all in: A slideshow above of all the dishes, and the video below in case you missed it:

Video: Top Chef All-Stars Make Art

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