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No Reservations Season Seven Premieres Tonight

Photo: Travel Channel

Here's an exclusive preview of the season seven premiere of No Reservations, which airs on the Travel Channel at 9PM tonight. In the episode, our hero Anthony Bourdain travels to post-earthquake Haiti at the behest of actor Sean Penn to check out the food and bring some awareness to the country's issues. According to Bourdain, the episode is a somber one and "our friends at will have difficulty finding a good dick joke." Alas.

In the preview below, Tony travels to a relatively wealthy neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, samples some Haitian Creole food, and wonders why Haiti isn't a "vacation fucking wonderland." Another preview shows Bourdain visiting the tent city of 55,000 people founded and run by Penn, and the crew buying out a roadside stand's food for some hungry kids — with some unfortunate results.

Also, Bourdain will be live-tweeting the premiere tonight, if you're into that kind of thing.

Exclusive Preview: Anthony Bourdain in Port-au-Prince

Video: Anthony Bourdain and Sean Penn in Haiti

Season Seven Episodes
(Subject to change, via Bourdain's Tumblr)

701 Nicaragua
702 Cambodia
703 Haiti
704 Vienna
705 Ozarks
706 Boston
707 Brazil
708 Japan
709 Cuba
710 Macau
711 El Bulli
712 US Desert
713 Congo
714 Yemen
715 Memphis

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