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Foodies Web Series to Mock Smug 'Culinary Enthusiasts'

Here's a trailer for the upcoming web comedy series Foodies about "a group of L.A. culinary enthusiasts whose passion for food spills off the table and into their personal lives." (Example: "She's still into me, cheese puffs prove it.") And it looks pretty funny! The trailer contains lots of dramatic self-serious foodie-banter along the lines of this exchange: "Be honest with me: am I being too David Chang?" and "No, it's an homage, not a copy."

Written and directed by writer/editor/producer Japhy Grant, the series stars Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls), Jeffery Self (30 Rock, 90210), Sean Hankinson (Prom Queen), Carlee Avers (Veronica Mars) and Anne Lane (Dorm Life). The series premieres March 9.

Video: Foodies Trailer

· Foodies Premieres March 9th [Foodies via @amateurgourmet]