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Eric Ripert Calls Kitchen Nightmares Racist and Abusive

Looks like chef and practicing Buddhist Eric Ripert watched another episode of Kitchen Nightmares with shouty chef Gordon Ramsay, and he did not like what he saw. Back in September he complained about Ramsay's "leadership techniques" and dropped some serious philosophy about how "Smart chefs lead kitchen by sharing, teaching, inspiring with respect. Not insulting, abusing,humiliating their team."

And again, Ripert is incensed, tweeting, "Watched kitchen nightmares=RACIST content,verbal abuse,humiliation etc.Shame on Gordon&production of show!Not an inspiration of leadership." A followup tweet clarified a bit: "Episode of K..Nighmares I m ref to is about grasshoper resto.racism when adressing to Latino staff.Gordon toucih is nose, leak his finger?!"

Accusing anyone of racism is a pretty severe thing! We don't want to make the judgment call, but maybe Ramsay is just being a dick? Especially in the context of this episode: When the line cooks turn out a completely laughable turd-like Shepherd's Pie (see slideshow above) close to the end of a painful service, it might be hard for anyone to keep their composure.

Below are the relevant video clips so that you can see for yourself. Is it, in fact, racist?

Video: Hell's Kitchen, Clip 1

Video: Hell's Kitchen, Clip 2

Video: Hell's Kitchen, Clip 3

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