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Planters Has a Peanut-Shaped Truck Called the Nutmobile

[Photos: Planters]

What better way to serve peanuts on a 16 U.S. city tour than out of a peanut-shaped truck? Welcome the Nutmobile from Planters, a biodiesel truck full of sustainable features like solar panels, a wind turbine, and flooring rescued from a 1840 barn in Lancaster, PA. Based on a 2011 Isuzu Series NPR truck, it apparently gets 10 to 15 miles per gallon and also has a hatch on the roof so that Mr. Peanut can peek his head out and say hello.

In addition, Planters is "bringing Mr. Peanut's world to life" with a series of pop-up "peanut-shaped groves" designed by landscape architect Ken Smith in New Orleans (in a lot in Central City), New York City, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. According to a press release, the recreational groves "will be defined, in part, with reclaimed materials, grow native trees and plants from the legume family and feature charming Mr. Peanut benches." Hit the slideshow for a rendering.

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