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Watch Andrew Zimmern Eat a Wildebeest Eyeball

In tonight's episode of Bizarre Foods, host Andrew Zimmern heads to Namibia to hunt a 600-pound blue wildebeest. And then he got to sample a few choice parts. Said Zimmern upon eating the wildebeest stomach stuffed with the eyes and heart, "I generally like eyeballs, but never had one this big cooked so briefly... It's like a greasy, fatty, plastic-y piece of someone's flip flop that tastes gamier than any other piece of this animal we've had so far. That's hardcore."

Andrew Zimmern has such a crazy job: one week he's eating at Alinea, the next he's eating medium-rare eyeball. The Travel Channel should seriously consider giving him another show, one called Andrew Zimmern Eats Regular Food For a Change.

Video: Bizarre Foods: Wildebeast Eyeball

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