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Paul Bartolotta Eats Live Langoustines to Mendelssohn

Chef Paul Bartolotta's restaurant at the Wynn Las Vegas, Bartolotta Ristorante Di Mare is a gilded wat to culinary procurement. Bartolotta buys from around the globe. Octopi from Liguria; live langoustines from some highly secretive vendor. As Howie Kahn reports in Departures, "The exporter doesn't sell to anyone else in America. Worldwide, he has only 12 clients... this is a rare instance of food exclusivity, an advantage whose logistics Bartolotta plans to keep secret. 'I had to do all the work,' he says. 'I'm not giving out any addresses.' He's not even dropping any clues. At Wynn, langoustine boxes are disposed of only after all identifying information is razored off."

Think about that! Or just watch Bartolotta eat half a live langoustine while listening to Felix Mendelssohn's Piano Concerto 1 (Second movement).

Video: Paul Bartolotta Eats Live Langoustines

World's Best Langoustines [Departures]

Bartolotta Ristorante Di Mare

3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109-1967