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Bill Hader Explains the Origins of SNL's Stefon

Comedian Bill Hader was on the Late Show With David Letterman the other day, and he explained the origins of the tweaked-out club kid Stefon he plays on Saturday Night Live. Turns out Stefon is a product of his and John Mulaney's, a writer on the show, and is based on two actual people.

Said Hader, "John actually had met somebody who was trying to start a club in New York and this guy would list off all the things in the club, saying, 'This club is gonna have everything: broken glass, jacked old men, and all this stuff...' And then I had met this barista guy getting coffee at this place in Chelsea and the guy looked just like that... John Mulaney was the smart one to say, we should put those two guys together."

Video: David Letterman - Bill Hader & Stefon

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