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The Daily Sensationalizes José Andrés' Top Chef "Anger"

Here's how Rupert Murdoch's iPad thing The Daily does gossip, chef-style, in the form of a recipe:

1. Take a soupçon of Marcel Vigneron saying "Jose wasn't supportive of me doing the show."
2. Add a tablespoon of Michael Voltaggio saying "Jose wasn't really too keen on his chef de cuisine leaving to do a TV show."
3. Add a dollop of "No comment" from José Andrés himself.

Stir for thirty seconds, make some shit up in your head, and then you can write a headline like "Chefs burning bridges," a subhead like "Lure of TV celebrity really steams Jose Andres," and a lede like "Superstar chef Jose Andres is tired of talented cooks fleeing his kitchen for a taste of reality TV fame."

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