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There's Still Time to Vote For the Hottest Chef in America!

Clockwise, from top left: Taff Mayberry (Austin), Ana Quincoces (Miami), Wes Hannah (Portland), Vikas Khanna (New York), David Bazirgan (SF), Jen Green (LA), Merlin Verrier (Chicago)

According to our tech team, there are many fraudulent votes (ie ballot-stuffing) in the vote to determine the Hottest Chef in America.

Unfortunately we can't clean out the fake votes until we close the poll, but the word is that there's a near dead-heat between San Francisco's David Bazirgan, New York's Vikas Khanna, Los Angeles' Jen Green, Chicago's Merlin Verrier, and Miami's Ana Quincoces.

Which means: it's up in the air who's going to win and votes still matter. So go vote now for America's Hottest Chef!