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Get McMarried at a McWedding in a Hong Kong McDonald's

What is going on in Hong Kong? First they start decorating little kids with McDonald's cell phone bling, and then they decide to put a naked lady cooking show on television.

Now, more insanity from McDonald's: the McWedding!

That's right, for a mere HK$9999 (US$1282), you can have the McDonald's nuptials of your dreams: Pink invitations with golden arches! Decorations featuring Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar! McDonald's food! If that's not enough for you, there are also add-ons like a balloon wedding cake, whatever that means, for $88 and "a large pink McDonald's backdrop" for $321.

There are currently only two scheduled McWeddings, but 70 additional couples are talking to the fast food chain. According to a McDonald's rep, the concept isn't tacky because couples "date here, they grew their love here, so when they have this important day they want to come over here." We will take their word for it.

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[Photo: Reuters]