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Julian Medina vs Garces in Iron Chef Battle Mexican Chocolate

Last night on Iron Chef America, Mexican chef Julian Medina (Toloache, NYC) challenged Iron Chef Jose Garces; the secret ingredient was Mexican Chocolate.

The judges: actor John O'Hurley, PR person Karine Bakhoum, and chocolatiers Michael Mast and Rick Mast (aka the Mast Brothers). Joked the duo about their famous beards, "At this table you have to be careful with these beards... But if you're lucky you get to taste it again later."

The judges were consistently wowed by the chefs' food, and the winner was not so evident. In fact, in a situation that has only happened a handful of times in Iron Chef history, the winner was decided by one point margin, but we won't spoil it here. Watch:

Video: Julian Medina's Dishes

Video: Jose Garces' Dishes

Video: The Decision

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