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Cooking and Eating Roadkill Raccoon on The Wild Within

Photo: Travel Channel

On the Travel Channel's The Wild Within, host Steven Rinella hunts and forages for food in a variety of situations. So what does he do on the San Francisco episode, when he can't hunt? Cooks up some roadkill, specifically a raccoon. After checking to make sure a dead raccoon by the side of the road is fresh, Rinella skins it in the back of his truck and takes it back to a kitchen.

There, he makes a fuss over trussing it so it looks "like he's made a big transformation from raccooness to foodness" (perhaps because he raised baby raccoons as a kid?). The critter is then grilled and finally braised whole, and served to a group of unsuspecting diners. One guy says it tastes like brisket? The episode airs Sunday, or you can check out the clip below.

Video: Cooking and Eating a Roadkill Raccoon on The Wild Within

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