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On the Last Ace of Cakes Ever, a Back to the Future Cake

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Photo: Gizmodo

Last night the Food Network aired the series finale of Ace of Cakes. Bizarrely, the episode made no mention of it being a finale — although promos did — but there was some sense of conclusion when they made the DeLorean cake for the Back to the Future 25th anniversary party. Said Duff Goldman, "We had almost every technique we taught ourselves on one cake: open flames, electronics, smoke machines, flavor, piping, painting, 3-D design, everything about it was a culmination of the things that we've learned."

The show premiered way back in August 17, 2006 and ran for ten seasons. That's a lot of fondant! But fret not, for Goldman and his Charm City Cakes crew have more shows planned including one about opening a West Coast location of the store in Los Angeles.

Here are videos of them making and presenting the Back to the Future cake:

Video: Making the Cake

Video: Things Learned

Video: Presenting the Cake

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Charm City Cakes

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