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Hooters Is a Great Place For Valentine's Day, They Promise

This is probably one of those intentionally controversial things like the scandalous Groupon Super Bowl commercial, but fine here goes: Hooters would like you to take your special lady friend to their fine establishment this Valentine's Day. In fact, they suggest you "forget the ring, and bring her in for wings." Yes, really.

They're offering a buy ten wings, get ten wings free deal on February 14. Because nothing says romance like other women's boobs and fried food? No, because "Valentine's day is about love, and what is not to love about free Hooters wings." Funny, because some Hooters seem to think Valentine's Day is about tearing up pictures of your ex for discounted drinks, but hey, free chicken wings! The press release, below:

This Valentine's Day Forget the Ring and Bring Her In for Hooters Wings Buy 10 Get 10 Wings for Free at Hooters on February 14th

ATLANTA, Feb. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- This Valentine's Day Hooters is enticing customers to "forget the ring, and bring her in for wings" with a buy 10 get 10 wings for free offer. All day on Monday, February 14th all guests who dine in at Hooters can take advantage of this value on boneless and traditional wings.

"Just because we don't have a violin player and overpriced wine, does not mean Hooters isn't a great place for Valentine's Day," said Mike McNeil, the Vice Prescient of Marketing for Hooters of America, LLC. "Valentine's day is about love, and what is not to love about free Hooters wings."

This is the first of many holiday deals that Hooters will be offering throughout the year nationwide.

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