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Sanchez, Cosentino, and Samuelsson Now Designing Shoes

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Mozo shoes, the maker of slip-resistant work shoes, has teamed up with Marcus Samuelsson, Chris Cosentino, and Aaron Sanchez "to create a signature footwear collection designed by each chef." No photos yet, but the shoes will be unveiled in a couple of weeks at an event in New York.

According to Footwear Plus, a shoe industry magazine, the line will be called Sharkz, will have removable footbeds and "superior ventilation," and will "weigh in at a mere eight ounces in women's (10 ounces in men's)." They'll retail at "$59.95 for a plain white or black pair and $69.95 for the Signature Chef-designed versions."

Cosentino's shoes are "all about sneakers, surf and California"; Samuelsson's are "urbane, sophisticated, and 'very New York'"; and Sanchez's will "convey his Latin heritage."

Back in December Samuelsson told WWD "part of the time I'm in the kitchen, then I'll [be in the dining room]" and that his shoes need to "strike a balance between comfort and style." His shoes will have "copper accents" in the design.

Chris Cosentino is no stranger to fashion, however. He's already designed "Gluttony Pants" with the company Betabrand that allow the wearer to adjust the waistband three sizes.

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