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Will Bourdain Be Alan Richman's Puppet Master on Treme?

bourdain-is-the-puppet-master.jpgAnthony Bourdain is writing restaurant scenes for the second season of HBO's Treme, including one for restaurant critic Alan Richman who makes a cameo as himself on the show.

The two have had beef since Richman wrote a bad review of Les Halles back when Bourdain was still cooking there. There's even an entire chapter in Bourdain's latest book, Medium Raw, entitled "Alan Richman Is a Douchebag," to which Richman responded by calling Bourdain "a living, breathing, low blow."

Now Richman has to say pretty much whatever Bourdain wants; Treme co-creator David Simon has said revisions to Bourdain's scenes have been minimal. This should be fun!

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