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Security Guards Protecting Pujols' Statue at His Restaurant

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Security guards have been posted next to a statue of baseball player Albert Pujols outside of his St. Louis restaurant, Albert Pujols Restaurant 5 Westport Grill (he's just a part owner). It seems the good people of St. Louis aren't too happy the former Cardinals first baseman recently agreed to a ten-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels worth $254 million.

Pujols is considered to be one of the best baseball players, and fans in St. Louis are not happy that he's leaving the team after eleven seasons, deeming him the "LeBron James of Major League Baseball." People are also calling the restaurant to ask "what's for lunch, like $250 million angel food cake." Nothing has actually happened to the statue yet, but the guards are a precaution against baseball nutjobs "tearing it down à la Saddam Hussein."

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Albert Pujols Restaurant 5 Westport Grill

342 West Port Plz, St. Louis, MO

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