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Caffeine Freaks Have Their Wedding in a Starbucks

It's not a secret that there are people in this world that go totally bonkers for Starbucks, but this is apparently the first time it has occurred to two of them to have their wedding there. Eva McCarthy and Carmine Capparello decided to get hitched at their local Starbucks in Tulsa, Oklahoma since many of their first dates took place at the coffee shop. Says the bride, "We've been coffee friends. We started out as coffee friends. And we fell in love over coffee." (The groom admits to not being "a big coffee drinker" at first but going anyway to hang out with her.)

Despite all the warm fuzzy coffee talk, the wedding was not overtly coffee themed: Starbucks shut down for the event, and it seemed pretty normal apart from the setting. Below, a local news report on the event that uses the term "latte love" twice, and some notes on the phenomenon of Starbucks-themed weddings.

So, while this is the first time Starbucks has actually hosted a wedding, it is far from the first time the coffee shop has played a role in one. Couples have had Starbucks-themed weddings, exchanged their vows in Starbucks, and even had a flash mob wedding at a Starbucks in Colorado. Hell, one guy built a whole damn Starbucks in the middle of the woods just to propose to his bride-to-be. Guess a lot of people have their first dates at Starbucks?

Video: Couple Ties The Knot At Tulsa Starbucks

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