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Jamie's American Road Trip Coming to BBC America

While Jamie Oliver isn't busy saving the world on TV, he sometimes goes on road trips. Conveniently cameramen joined him back in 2009 during a road trip across the US, and the outcome was a six-part television series called Jamie's American Road Trip. It never aired in the US, but lucky you, it will now. Diner's Journal reports that BBC America picked it up, and it'll premiere Tuesday, January 3. In the series, Oliver travels to places like Los Angeles, Wyoming, and New York City. He probably cries here and there.

The series is okay, but what's of most interest are these promos that Channel 4 in the UK originally produced back in 2009 that featured Jamie Oliver dressed as the Village People. In the first, Oliver is at an airport (including ass-less chaps because that is what the ladies like). In the second, he totally busts a move. Watch:

Video: Jamie's American Road Trip Promo #1

Video: Jamie's American Road Trip Promo #2

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