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First Look: Pat LaFrieda's Big App For Meat From ZPZ

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Here's your first look at the iPad app Pat LaFrieda's Big App For Meat ($6.99 on iTunes). It's a project from Pat LaFrieda (who's been called "the most skilled and conscientious butcher in New York") and Zero Point Zero (the Emmy Award-winning production company behind shows like Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Sam Calagione's Brew Masters). Pitched as the "definitive butcher's guide to every cut of meat," the app features 360-degree interactive rotating meat and over 50 minutes of video of butchery, including a tour of the dry-aging room that holds half a million dollars' worth of steaks. See a sample video from the app below in which LaFrieda calls porterhouse the "sucker steak."

While the future of cookbooks is inevitably digital — see the iPad-only release of Grant Achatz's Next's e-cookbook — this app is part of a new and exciting era in digital publishing. Dead-tree media (magazines, newspapers, and book publishers) are struggling with digital and plowing tons of money into wonky websites, crashy PDF-like iPad app "issues," and talking head videos. And the LaFrieda app is a great example of a disruption in the digital media space. Now Zero Point Zero — a video production company whose focus, until now, was television — can be on the same turf as much larger companies like Martha Stewart or Bon Appetit and produce something that's genuinely innovative and useful.

Video: Beef Short Loin

Video: Pat LaFrieda's Big App for Meat

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