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Paula Deen Talks Farting, Smoking Cigarettes on Dr. Oz

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Paula Deen was on The Dr. Oz Show yesterday where she was unapologetic about the unhealthy food she prepares on her shows and also divulged two major secrets: one, she has been a smoker for 50 years, and two, she totally just stunk up the green room with her farts. Anyway Dr. Oz promises to help her quit — smoking, not farting — but perhaps more surprisingly, says it's totally cool if she "might have to run off to the bathroom quick" in the middle of the interview. Dr. Oz: anti-smoking and pro-pooping. His stance on farting in his green room: undefined. Below, a preview clip, but for the full, uncomfortable glory of the interview check out part one (farting), part two (smoking), and part three (touchy-feely stuff).

Video: Paula Deen on Dr. Oz

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