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Nigella Lawson: Caramel Photo Is 'Simply Rapturous Joy'

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Like any normal person might when guest editing a style magazine in the UK, cookery book author and television personality Nigella Lawson allowed herself to be covered in caramel for the cover. And in an interview with the Times (reg required), Lawson "dismissed suggestions, however, that this was a sexualised image."

Get your head (covered in oozing salted caramel or not) out of the gutter, people.

She told the Times: "When people say to me 'she does double entendre,' I have never done double entendre in my life. I'm not that kind of person."

She continued: "Appetite is seen as hearty in a male and slightly wanton and lascivious in a female, but that’s just about perception. The [magazine] image is simply rapturous joy in caramel." You might perceive the cover as some sugary erotic wish fulfillment, but you are wrong, dirtbags. She just likes caramel so damned much, okay?

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