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Watch Martha Stewart & Ryan Farr Talk Sausage Condoms

So San Francisco butcher Ryan Farr stopped by The Martha Stewart Show to promote his new book Whole Beast Butchery and show her how the sausage is literally made. Naturally Stewart's mind went straight to the gutter and there is much discussion of whether sausage casings work as condoms. Quote Stewart: "Oh, I bet they work. If they work for sausage?" Farr agrees: "Yea? It holds the meat in."

Unlike other food TV personalities who apparently shy away from sexualizing their image, Stewart is a known fan of the double entendre. See: Stewart talking balls with the Meatball Shop guys, putting things in her mouth with Craig Ferguson, and talking yet more balls on a "date" in Brooklyn. Why can't more celebrities use the raunchy TV interview for good instead of evil?

Video: Ryan Farr on Martha Stewart

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