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Here's Nigella Lawson Covered in Salted Caramel

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Big-spirited cookery book author and television personality Nigella Lawson guest-edited the latest issue of the UK magazine Stylist. It's perhaps convenient that she's "in the middle of a love affair" with salted caramel, for apparently editorial duties at the magazine include being doused in the stuff? And what luck to have a photographer present while the ritual be-carameling was happening so that Nigella could grace the cover? Click the image to enlarge.

Here's a quote from her Editor's Letter that doesn't explain why she did it: "What I wanted from this edition was to address food in the round: not everyone is a cook, but we are all eaters." Is there video of caramel on Lawson? Well of course. It's not nearly as, um, salty as you might expect, though:

Video: Nigella Lawson Stylist Cover Shoot

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