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Rachael Ray Introduces 'Eaties' Into the Food Lexicon

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TV food person/neologist Rachael Ray has coined a new term: "Eaties," which she defines as people who "eat a lot." Quote Ray, referring to Cheech Marin and Lou Diamond Phillips, both contestants on her absolutely stellar-looking upcoming show, Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off:

"Going in, I knew that Cheech and LDP were good cooks, but a lot of them just wanted to become better at working with food and consider themselves foodies because they are eaties, they eat a lot."

So it seems safe to assume that someone like Homer Simpson would be an eatie. Also, it's a separate term from "foodie": one can be a foodie and an eatie, or one and not the other. So there you have it: eatie. Use it in a sentence today! Or don't.

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