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Bourdain Unhappy With Travel Channel For 'Neglecting,' 'Disemboweling' His Holiday Special

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Here's a video from the fellows at the Big Gay Ice Cream (Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff) with rabble-rouser Anthony Bourdain airing his grievances for the celebration of Festivus. His #1 grievance is how the Travel Channel treated his holiday episode of No Reservations, including cutting the amazingly creepy "Krampus Carol" segment. Said Bourdain:

I don't have to think of a grievance. I'm very unhappy with my network for neglecting and abusing and disemboweling my infant child, as it were, my much-loved holiday special. They treated her like shit, covered her over like a cat covering its own feces... I'm heartbroken. And bitter. And all of the things that come with that.

According to Bourdain, while there was "zero promo" from the Travel Channel, the ratings for the holiday special were "up double digits from 6 weeks previous same slot." Only because of social media. Bourdain re-signs with Travel Channel soon.

Video: Festivus 2011: Airing of Grievances. Anthony Bourdain

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