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Wyoming Starbucks Now Serving Extra Shots of Gunshots

Where more than just espresso shots are served.
Where more than just espresso shots are served.
Photo: Asher B./Yelp

This will make for one hell of a Trauma-Rama teen mag letter, putting all those inopportune menarche tales to shame: a 17-year-old girl nearly killed a man when she dropped her purse and her gun went off in a Cheyenne, Wyoming Starbucks on Monday. The unnamed teen's dad had given her a double-barrel .38 special Derringer pistol "for her protection," and when she dropped her purse, the top barrel went off, missing a nearby patron by about a foot.

The girl then reportedly shouted "I think my purse went off!" It gets better: It all happened in front of two police officers, and the girl was later issued a city summons for possession of a firearm by a juvenile.

Perhaps the threat of sudden death-by-adolescent-gunfire will make those pesky laptop squatters, white-collar criminals, purse-snatchers and eternal lovers think twice before using Starbucks as a home base.

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