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$2,900 Buys One Domino's Rolex or 300 Domino's Pizzas

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Why, yes, in fact that is a vintage Rolex (circa 1990) with the Domino's logo tastefully plastered onto its face. It's part of a collection of watches on Gilt MAN right now and it's going for the members-only price of $2,900. Do you know how many Domino's pizzas you can get for $2,900? If the man in your life is really so into Domino's that he wants a $2,900 watch with a teeny tiny Domino's logo on it, don't you think he would rather have the 300ish pizzas that money would buy instead?

And on the subject of Rolexes, earlier this week the watch company filed a trademark-infringement suit against the Rolex Deli in Brooklyn for fear people might think the luxury watch brand is somehow associated with deli sandwiches. Rolex: suing to keep their name from being associated with deli sandwiches,
but totally cool with Domino's pizza.

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Rolex Deli

700 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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