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Surprise: The Dutch Cannibalism Stunt Was a Hoax

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The lying liars at BNN-TV in the Netherlands orchestrated a cannibalism stunt on television this week to raise awareness for organ donation and everyone totally fell for it. Television hosts Dennis and Valerio, cruel and conniving con-men if ever two cruel and conniving con-men existed, were purported to have donated pieces of their asses and abdomens to each other, to be sautéed and eaten on the country's Guinea Pigs program.

Despite a teaser video released featuring gooey, wet meat masquerading as raw human flesh, the whole thing was a sham. UPI, via The Sun in the U.K. reports:

Broadcaster BNN-TV sparked a flurry of online controversy when it released a teaser trailer for Wednesday's episode of "Guinea Pigs" indicating hosts Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno would be sampling one another's flesh after having pieces surgically removed and prepared by a chef, reported. However, the network revealed Wednesday the events of the episode were a hoax designed to raise awareness of a shortage of organ donors, a British tabloid, The Sun, reported.

It's not even the first time these inveterate prevaricators have pulled these kinds of shenanigans: in 2007, the network announced a show wherein people would compete for donated kidneys to raise organ donor awareness.

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