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Animal Rights Activists Threaten to Poison Chinese Restaurants in Toronto

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Toronto's ban on shark fins goes into effect next September, but for some people that's not soon enough. The Toronto Chinese Business Association held a press conference this week to inform the public that not only have they received "hundreds of hateful emails," one in particular from a group called the Animal Liberation of USA/Canada threatened to spread "rat poison on meat, fish, fruit and vegetables" throughout Chinatown. The letter also suggested the organization's "head office" in the States was going to hook them up with some E. coli bacteria with the warning "don't eat at the Mandarin restaurants." Yum.

Anyway, the Toronto Sun assures that the Toronto Hate Crimes Unit is on it, and government officials have asked the public to be "cautious" but not to panic. Okay, no worries, there are just violent nutjob racists posing as environmentalists lurking among us, no big deal. More soup?

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