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Nightmarish Software to Rank Waitstaff Based on Sales

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Photo: A still from Take Out

Hey, servers, want to play a game? A company called Objective Logistics has created software that will pit servers against each other in a competition for choice (read: more lucrative) shifts, like Friday and Saturday dinners. The program, called MUSE, "[ranks] waitstaff on a leader board based on sales," and apparently in the future may add criteria such as "tips, survey data or ratings from websites such as Yelp." Oh boy. Because nothing is a better judge of waitstaff than vengeful vegetarians and frenzied, hungry "elites."

The software is currently being tested at Not Your Average Joe's, a chain of restaurants in Massachusetts and Virginia. It'll be in more restaurants soon, though: Objective Logistics just got a wad of money from Google, and will presumably use the $1.5 million to "gamify" restaurants throughout the land.

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