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Eater's 2011 Gift Guide: Eddie Huang's Mad Science

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Welcome to Eater's 2011 Gift Guide Advent Calendar, where everyday friends of Eater will be bringing you holiday gift ideas— from the reasonable to the outrageous to the mindblowing must-haves. Click the graphic below to unveil today's pick, and as the holidays draw nearer check out the all the gift guides. Here's to all things merry and bright.

Here now, chef and professional rabble-rouser Eddie Huang:

Every one loves the Modernist Cuisine Box Set, but I refuse to own something that is the first Google hit for the search terms "Expensive Cook Book Shit". My pick for aspiring cooks is the Breaking Bad Season 1 Box Set. Sit back and watch the hardest Chef in the game whip work out of an RV. "Wanna Cook?" - Walter White

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