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Who's in the Wine Business Now? The Village Voice

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Joining the ranks of inexplicable wine-makers — including Motörhead, September 11th, the Food Network, and Donald Trump — is the print media group The Village Voice with "Village Voice Vino." And staying local to the newspaper's New York roots, it is made of "a blend of two Cabernet Sauvignons from Mendocino and Napa Valley plus Merlot from Napa Valley."

While Village Voice critic Lauren Shockey purports that "This bold red is lush and juicy, and has subtle hints of anise and toffee, some notes of toasted bread and nuts," Eater got its hands on a bottle and must differ with her expert analysis. It tastes of stale links and ads for trannie prostitutes, with subtle notes of cheap, moldy newsprint. Kidding, it's probably delicious. And at $12/bottle, you should buy cases of it.

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