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Eater's 2011 Gift Guide: Brian Canlis' Risotto Rig

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Welcome to Eater's 2011 Gift Guide Advent Calendar, where every day friends of Eater will be bringing you holiday gift ideas — from the reasonable to the outrageous to the mindblowing must-haves. Click the graphic below to unveil today's pick, and as the holidays draw nearer check out the all the gift guides.

Here now, restaurateur Brian Canlis of Canlis in Seattle:

Step 1: Get a bottle of Barolo, one that comes in a wooden box.
Step 2: Replace the bottle with Aborio rice.
Step 3. Toss in a white truffle from Alba.
Step 4. Tie the box with twine and attach a truffle shaver as the bow.
Step 5. Presto! Your kit is complete. Give the box and the wine to a (very deserving) friend.

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