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Here's a $240,000 Diamond-Studded Belgian Chocolate

While 99% of Americans are busy scarfing down as many $2 Subway "sandwiches" as they can, the 1% are eating fucking diamonds. Oh yes really: Belgian chocolatier Wittamer has put together this here $240,000 chocolate praline, and it costs so much because presumably it's really good chocolate but also because they threw a 3.63 carat diamond on top. Also: dark ganache, caramel, ginger, and edible gold leaf. It comes in a jewlery box and the diamond is actually set in the chocolate. Not sold? Eh, like you have $240,000 to blow on chocolate anyway. See you at Subway! Here's a video:

Video: The $240,000 Diamond Truffle

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Avenue Louise 137, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium

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