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Diners Steal Free Cookies From Omaha's The Grey Plume

Welcome to Eater feature Shit People Steal, in which we ask restaurateurs what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen.

[Photo: The Grey Plume]

Omaha restaurant The Grey Plume bakes butter cookies every day to hand out as parting gifts for diners. But why let people give you things for free when you can just steal them? Especially when we are talking delicious cookies here. General manager Alexander Adkins recounts the tale of a rowdy group of diners who did exactly that — and then became belligerent when they didn't get their free cookies at the end of the meal, too:

"A few members of a large party we recently entertained felt the need to 'sneak' the cookies when the host was lending a hand in the dining room. Our bartender saw and explained to them that we would gladly give each member in the party cookies. Rather than deter this group, others kept walking up to the host's desk to snatch bags of cookies when they saw the host walk away. The host then took the proactive step of handing cookies to the guests while they were still seated in the restaurant, hoping that that would be the end to the shenanigans (and that we'd have enough cookies for other restaurant guests).

It seemed that this party's cookie craving was sated, but as they were leaving, they hounded the host to give them each bags of cookies, some becoming a little belligerent when they were told that we were saving the rest for others. I'll admit that the cookies are really quite delicious. So, I can't fault people for wanting more than what we usually give them. But this group pushed it to be sure."

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The Grey Plume

220 South 31st Avenue, Omaha, NE