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Christina Tosi Teaches Conan the Ways of Cereal Milk

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Pastry chef Christina Tosi was on Conan last night to promote her new cookbook, Momofuku Milk Bar. Although host Conan O'Brien is a little unsure about the whole cereal milk thing at first, he comes around after Tosi hooks him up with Ireland's "national food," Lucky Charms. Then it's on: Tosi makes fun of him for being way too into cereal milk, to which O'Brien says "Why you gotta make me look like a pervert? Everyone likes what they like and this is what I like." Below, Tosi gets the talk show host drunk on cereal milk white Russian milkshakes and O'Brien reveals what he really watches while he eats cereal alone late at night. (Hint: it's not ESPN.)

Video: Christina Tosi on Conan

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