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Letterman Grills Bourdain About His Health, Food TV

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Sexy redheads Christina Tosi and Conan O'Brien weren't the only ones blowing up late night television yesterday: pinup/time traveler/cartoon character Anthony Bourdain was on Letterman. And the two were cranky old men together. No, really, they discuss Bourdain's cholesterol and then Letterman brings up "the thing that has been stuck up my gut for the last ten years."

That's right: it's time for another patented David Letterman rant about Cupcake Wars. (For historical context, see him grill Rachael Ray about food television and kind of apologize for it; and yell at Jamie Oliver and apologize for it.) Bourdain's fairly good-natured about the whole thing. Below, Bourdain talks about his new show The Layover and explains why he's doing more shows in Western Europe these days (there are two reasons, actually, and their names are Grandma and Grandpa).

Video: Anthony Bourdain on David Letterman

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