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Alabama Store Sells Raw Meat From a Vending Machine

Places one can acquire meat usually include grocery stores, farmers markets, and, if you're lucky, a proper butcher shop. Residents of Odenville, Alabama can now add "a vending machine in a convenience store" to that list. No cuts are over $6, and they claim it's actually cheaper than a grocery store. This is, of course, yet another example of American vending machine technology being far, far behind Japan's — they even sell live seafood from machines over there. While not a 100% new idea (a Spanish butcher shop had a meat vending machine last year, here's a local news report about the American version:

Video: Vending Machine Dispenses Steaks and Other Meats

· Vending Machine Dispenses Steaks and Other Meats
[CBS 42]
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Lil Mart

9887 US Highway 411 Odenville, AL 35120-5137

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