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Michael Pollan Lists the World's 'Most Powerful Foodies'

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Author, Stephen Colbert punching bag, and "Big bossy food Nazi" Michael Pollan came up with a list of the "most powerful voices" in the "movement to reform the American food system." Which is maybe a little different than the blaring headline of "The World's 7 Most Powerful Foodies"? America != the world? No matter. So, are there any surprises? Other than Jack Sinclair, the Head of Grocery at the morally bankrupt megachain Wal-Mart? No, there are not. Here's the full list:

#1 Michelle Obama, First Lady, U.S.
#2 Marion Nestle, Professor, New York University
#3 Josh Viertel, President, Slow Food USA
#4 Will Allen, Urban Farmer
#5 Jack Sinclair, Head of Grocery, Wal-Mart
#6 Ken Cook, Executive Director, Environmental Working Group
#7 Mark Bittman, Columnist, The New York Times

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