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Colbert Interviews Michael Pollan, Tackles Muffingate

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Stephen Colbert interviewed "big bossy food Nazi" (or "foodstapo") Michael Pollan last night about his newly-updated book, Food Rules. When Pollan tries to suck up to Colbert by claiming he's a conservative who wants more taxes — specifically on soda — Colbert is outraged. After telling the audience to shut up (!), Colbert gasps at Pollan "Coca Cola. You would tax soda? But that is the milk of America!"

Also, Colbert investigates how the Department of Justice could spend $16 per person on muffins "when they could got to Starbucks and get one for $14?" Don't worry, there's a 151-page full color report on it.

Video: Michael Pollan on the Colbert Report

Video: Stephen Colbert on Muffingate

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