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Trendwatch: Loser Solo Diners Trading Books For iPads

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You know those people you see at restaurants eating by themselves? It seems those poor jackass solo diners have ditched their pathetic paper reading materials in favor of smart phones and tablets. The Washington Post is totally not being judgmental at all when they describe what an inconvenience it is for chefs and restaurateurs that "the lonely experience of passively reading while waiting for the bread basket has given way to e-mailing or playing Angry Birds."

If your sad, friendless self absolutely must dine without the accompaniment of another flesh and blood human being, you better leave your electronic devices at home lest you sever your ties with humanity. According to MIT professor Sherry Turkle, "Having a solitary meal in a restaurant is a basic spiritual practice" and dining with a Kindle is "a cost to the pleasures of the moment and a cost to our humanity."

But don't worry, you pitiable, solitary creature, there are still some people who think it's cool that you talk to Siri during dinner. And to everyone else — you know, people with actual friends and family — it's not time to panic yet. The Post offers "a restorative palate cleanser: The devices aren't actually everywhere." Yet.

· Solo Diners Find a New Companion Right at Their Fingertips [WaPo]

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